Friday, May 21, 2010

Not votes for Snoopy

Has anyone noticed this?  There was a bipartisan battle for the write-in nomination in the Democratic priamry for the 40th Pennsylvania State Senate District.  Jane Orie was unopposed and there had not been any Democrat who filed petitions since it seemed like such a lock for Orie.  News accounts say her recent travails first prompted a write-in campaign by Dan Demarco I think ... which then prompted her to run a write in campaign to become the nominee on both Republican and Democratic sides which happens.  You need to get past the minimum number of write-in ballots AND you have to have more than anyone else obviously.

Looks like there were 4,758 write in ballots on the Democratic side of the primary.  Which I am pretty sure is enough to get your name on the ballot.   But who won is actually the question. Whomever won that is a remarkable number of write in votes expecially since the incumbent Orie on the Republican side, and with her name on the ballot obviously, garnered 14,661 votes.  I will parse that more later. 

FYI, what I have posted before.  But here is what Senate district 40 looks like:

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