Saturday, May 01, 2010

Some transit discussions ongoing in a recent post here got me checking... and I just am realizing that Shawn Bennear's great site on local transit information (which had been down for a period, but before that was around long before anything else on the web) is not only running again but updated even up through yesterday.  If you care at all about local public transit you have to check out the uber-site on local transit stuff:

Seriously, every link is a unique trove unto itself.  There have been many other attempts, some of which are pretty good, but nothing else really compares when it comes to compiling into on local transit history.  Which all goes to prove one of my general points that getting the best info out there does not require the latest gizmos.  Also, it's kind of sad that is owned by a domain name cybersquatter of some sort...  you would think maybe the Port Authority itself might have registered that name long ago, alas.

and btw.. I only try to keep up a far lamer Pittsburgh Transit Policy Bibliography.

and speaking of alternative transportation... I'm not saying it but lots of bike buzz in the media today about Pittsburgh has me again puzzling over what isn't mentioned:  City gets nod for being bicycle-friendly

Also btw, Chicago Trib had a piece on national rail service yesterday: Why America Still Needs Amtrak.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I continue to wonder what, exactly, constitutes the "pedestrian" component of the "bike and pedestrian" coordinator's job.

And, oh yeah ... see you on the Tom Murphy Bike and Pedestrian Bridge!

Monday, May 03, 2010 12:09:00 PM  

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