Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sic Semper Publius

Just watching the news about the state attorney general going after some insidious and psuedononymous twitterers…. Like this is anything new. I think we are going to be living with this type of thing into the future. Some locally famous and publicly anonymous internet voices who have annoyed some of the powers that be and that have gone to ground include:
So don’t get slighted Infi, I am excluding all those still known to be extant. And Pittgirl has a hybrid spot having been pseudonymous, but now widely known. And again, I was just thinking up those who operate(d) behind the veil. If you were to ask me what single blogger has had the single biggest political impact in town, my answer is still Ms. Sirk. But she was not hiding anything for sure.  Seriously TMI there.

Speaking of pseudonymity...  O can correct my latin.


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