Saturday, June 19, 2010

and then they came for the Pierogies

Call me a fair weather fan, but I can really only tolerate a single Pirates game a year these days.  Thus I suffered through the Pirates' loss to Cleveland last night.  The playoffs bound Indians of 2007? Nope, Cleveland has the 3rd worst record in all of MLB these days, ahead of Baltimore and... well.... you know.  I think I was rooting for Cleveland deep down.  One win won't help the Pirates much, but losing there is at least an outside chance at some sort of record for most losses in succession, or cumulatively. 

Yet despite all that..  still there were a lot of people out at the game.  Kind of makes you wonder how well they would do if say they did the unthinkable and threaten us with breaking even on the year. 

What else do I notice?  For most of an inning or more the advertisment running on the scoreboard was for Greer Limestone?? Who is that I wonder? and I wonder if anyone at the game wondered as well.  Largest limestone operation in West Virginia it turns out. So a regionalism story I suppose. I am sure a solid upstanding firm, but how many itinerant baseball fans are in the market for mass quantities of limestone?  Maybe they are owned by the Nuttings'?

So bad it all is that the organization now has ousted the frustrated pierogi.  If you are venting on the pierogi I really don't think there is anyone left to blame is there?  Hard to see how this won't be a PR fiasco for them in the end.  Who in the world is anti-pierogi?


Anonymous n'at said...

pierogie fired - win 1
Russell gets tossed tonight - win 2

Our Pittsburgh Prospects could be like Bull Durham and Major League converging into angel's in the outfield. Though I shudder to think what needs to occur for win #3.

May need a live chicken.

Sunday, June 20, 2010 10:06:00 PM  

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