Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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With news of a home sliding down a hill on the North Side, I'll ask again what I asked last year, but does the City of Pittsburgh Hillsides Committee still function?

and let's see, everyone is now realizing this whole Marcellus thing might extend to drilling in the density part of the city proper.  It was pretty clear this was all in process last year as well if not long before. I think I had my first shale-related solicitation the previous spring even.   From Texas is some advice specifically for neighborhoods on Gas Drilling 101.

What is up with the Google Fibre competition I wonder??   Just came to mind as I caught a 'daily ranking' entry even thought it's from last month.  Did anyone catch this ranking that has Pittsburgh #3 in terms of having the fastest broadband.

City controller has a report on EMS funding and its future. I am generally not a fan of increasing government fragmentation, but I will repeat my suggestion that it might be a good idea to create a Hospital Authority to manage EMS services for the city and possibly (by that I mean voluntarily) environs with a formalized role from the big health care systems in town.

No soup parking study for you is the news on Grant Street. I kind of wonder how much the potential bidders have invested in research and analysis leading up to the proposals that are about to come in. I bet before they spend $300 million or so they have spent more than $250K in legal fees alone, let alone research and other due dilligence.  The result is what would be a classic case of asymmetric information between buyer and seller, though it typically works the other way around.

Technically the news is the ICA has issues with the $$ of the proposed City Council study.  I have a sinking suspicion that the proposed parking study (which addresses a potental sale of $300 million in city assets) has a pricetag less than this analysis the ICA studied which applied only to the (~$50 million) Fire Bureau budget.. Go figure. and not only that, but that study was ignored by the ICA itself almost as soon as it was completed.  Has anyone audited the ICA to see what they have spent in total on studying things since they began? Does anyone audit the ICA at all I wonder...

Not really news, but on all things parking.  I used a Pittsburgh Parking Authority lot over the weekend and was about to put money into the machine when a local let me know that "they" never ticket on a Sunday. So I observed quickly that it did appear true that no cars in the lot had paid so I concluded he was correct even though the signage said enforcement was 24/7.  I just wonder how long that, or any other special arrangements I am aware of with regard to parking enforcement, will last once the lots are 'monetized'.

and I'll just roll this into here...  but with ever more Civic Arena ever more on folks mind it might be worth looking at what options they are still exploring for the Astrodome in Houston.

and ever more Pierogi coverage from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fanhouse, and WXXA in Albany of all places.  I'm waiting for the Pierogi to get on the talk show circuit soon.


Anonymous MH said...

At least if they screw-up the parking, I can still take the bus. At least until January.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 9:12:00 AM  

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