Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hagiography's end

Someone really didn't get the memo... and the someone is not your run of the mill talking head... Read about the recent comments by retiring University of Washington President, and incoming NCAA president Mark Emmert.  You can find the context for the Pittsburgh references yourself..  the key sentence is where he declares Washington State "might just end up like Pittsburgh".  I suppose he could have meant that in a nice way, like that was their goal..... not!  It was more like an ominous warning.

So do we mail him some glossy promotional material to get him to change his mind?  I say we invite the guy here and see what he has to say.  Would be good for both him and us I am pretty sure.


Anonymous BrianTH said...

If I understood him correctly, he was comparing the University of Washington to Pittsburgh's steel industry, and warning of the potential consequences of failing to support a key industry.

To be fair, I wouldn't wish for the post-steel-contraction dynamic either. But it was a somewhat confusing choice of analogy, since of course Pittsburgh has gotten great benefit out of its own research universities.

And I would also suggest the real lesson to be learned from the steel bust is that there is often little a locality can do to shield a key industry from fundamental forces operating outside its control. So, if you want to avoid a similar bust, you need to diversify--and I suspect that isn't the point Emmert wanted to make.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 10:15:00 AM  

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