Thursday, June 17, 2010

Misc morning news roundup

Just a few clippings:

"inadequate content"?: A small, but maybe not so small, article from the FT on the latest potential evolution in media's reinvention:  Google casts shadow over new media groups.  It says google has patented a method where search queries are matched to news coverage to figure out what folks are looking for and not finding.  There is a joke in that, but I can't quite compose it.

If you are interested in anything Marcellus, note the WSJ story on the doings in the actual market for natural gas:  Mystery in Natural-Gas Markets. and on Marcellus stuff... is anyone at all doing something like this around here?

Just a random PR that got caught in the news filter about a downtown real estate investment.. and I would ignore PR's normally, but does this say anything about the Downtown real estate market?.... If nothing else, it's still a feat that someone is touting their Pittsburgh investment.


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