Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Random economic thoughts

I don't quite get how folks don't see how much the world is changing. History changing news in that. (and more related to that)

Isn't it about time for there to be stories on how the appreciating dollar is going to hurt US exports? US Dollar is way up in value vs. the Euro.   Great time to take a vacation to Europe, but horrible time if you want to sell them widgets while you are there. Would have been big news in steel days.  Hey look, steel trade issues are in the news. Who knew?

CBS  Moneywatch with a long piece on Marcellus stuff.

More on marcellus... the very last sentence in this article from Platts is really quite fascinating. It talks about recent massive investments in natgas pipelines that are as we say... overcome by events (OBE).  Part of a bigger story on how those markets are going to adjust if there is a lot more production coming from parts of the country that were not such big producers in the past.

Philly is introspecting a lot more than us on the recent Brookings report on the state of metropolitan America.  In fact, the most discussion locally on all of that as it impacts Pittsburgh comes from Jim R. Should we be having forums like in Philly? I dunno.

Something completely random.  but we may learn soon what happens when a country decides it does not want to be a country which may be the result of elections in Belgium.  Will we have to rename the Belgian blocks that are still on some streets (or at least are their foundations) as Flemish blocks or Waloonian blocks?  Things I fret over.

Something local.  Something called the Moodie Report (really, 'ie' not the 'y') has some discussion on the retail biz at the airport here in this discussion: NEWS'Global Travel Retail - Great Thinking Required': The American Dream.

and the ultimate obscure economic indicator:  Waste haulage is up. From a long time ago here, but where is waste a big deal?


Anonymous MH said...

I can recall learning about the Flemish and the crushing disappointment of learning that there is no place called "Flem."

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 11:14:00 AM  
Anonymous johnnyg said...

Maybe the world is changing. Maybe. But notice that the strikes allowed by the Chinese government are only against plants owned by foreigners. Because we know that the Party runs the trade unions, this just looks like protectionism in disguise to me.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 5:02:00 PM  

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