Sunday, June 27, 2010

Statsgeek - The Trout Edition

We really do cover the Fish and Wildlife beat here as well.   PG has a piece today just on the numbers behind Trout fishing nationally:  Decline in anglers reflected in spending on trout stocking

Thus I am obligated to point out our last post here on all things Troutonomics.  Which was all just to point out a link to the great cult classic: UCSUR's 1992 Omnibus Trout Survey and Report.  OK, it's dated, but still unreplicated.

Whenever I worry that I am getting obsessive I just take a look at that report. 97 pages of single spaced text interspersed with 126 tables. And what I recently found in the files was the technical appendix that went along with that report.  I cried.