Monday, June 07, 2010

your daily ranking

Obligatory mention that Forbes has us #7 among best places to raise a family.
And some former manufacturing hubs, like Pittsburgh Pa., are having a renaissance of sorts. Once a fallen steel giant, the city has diversified its economy and boasts low crime and high educational attainment. Pittsburgh also has the highest home ownership rate in our 10.
Should I parse... or just leave us with the warm fuzzy?   I like the 'of sorts' qualifier.  But 'highest home ownership'  is a factoid directly tied to the age of our population more than most anything else. We probably rank even higher when ranked by the proportion of homeowners who have paid off their mortgages altogether.   A good thing in itself?  Sure, but not that simple a thing to interpret.

update from the peanut gallery.   I didn't catch that Rich Florida has an amazingly coincidental oped today in the WSJ that would take the Forbes methodology to task.. at least when it comes to homeownership.  See: Homeownership is overrated


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that Harrisburg was #2

Monday, June 07, 2010 10:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Pittsburgh should be sugar-coated, but is it me, or does Dr. Florida not pass up any opportunity to diss his former city?

Monday, June 07, 2010 2:11:00 PM  
Anonymous MH said...

Possibly Dr. Florida is annoyed that we not only failed to be hip, we largely failed to notice that we weren't hip.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010 10:17:00 AM  

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