Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Ranking: Lucky Number

No, not a reference to Nick Perry.

Bloomberg nee BusinessWeek has us tagged as the 7th best place for college graduates.   An interesting perspective given that we are retaining so many college graduates as it is right now. I won't say it, but have we put a stake into QQQQQQ QQQQQ QQQ. 

But here is another perspective on what I put up yesterday on job growth.   Just the month over month perspective on job growth across Pennsylvania metro areas between May and June.  Take it for what it's worth.  Yes, its not normalized by regional size and monthly data can be noisy. These are also non-seasonally adjusted data points.  Still, Pittsburgh is pretty much holding up the state this month.  State College is reflecting the higher education impact there is all.  May to June most colleges drop in employment count, but lower schools are usually still in session.  So June is a big month for job growth since you ususally keep most education employment but see summer seasonal work pick up.  So it's usually up in a raw jobs count.  Likewise July is down as education jobs drop off for the summer.  Still....  curious:


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