Friday, August 06, 2010

Burghers Beyond the Burgh

Wired Magazine has a long profile of born-burgher, and incidentially Flikr founder, Caterina Fake: What You Want: Flickr Creator Spins Addictive New Web Service.

Mark Cuban didn't get the Rangers, but now some Dodgers' fans are looking for a savior: Mark Cuban is now free to buy Dodgers.  I won't say it.  But some incidental wonkopunditry on Pirates' ticket sales from out in the ether:  Ticket promotions offer little improvement for Pittsburgh Pirates' attendance. There is a certain irony that Pittsburghers are fighting to own a baseball team....  just not the one in Pittsburgh.

and ABC news has some interest in our famous garbage cans. OK, not about any ex-burgher there, but it popped up on my news filter.


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