Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hotel Mysteries Updated

The NS peanut gallery includes a bankruptcy lawyer no less who points out some missing items in today's story on the latest machinations (or tribulations I suppose) down at the Hilton Hotel.  Is the change in management a good thing?  Apparently the new management company, Prism, on its own  website, bills itself as one of the nation's fastest growing hotel  management and "hotel receivership" companies. Prism's website is also the host of the "Hotel Default Blog".  There is the long tail in action.

Reminds me that some time ago I wondered about the Great Pittsburgh Hotel mystery.  Some news from the PBT a little while back has the latest look.  Despite The Great Recession, as it is now called, hotel building has continued apace  in town.  No mean achievement.

Does not mean everything that was on the books is still making progress.  I guess I could ask, but I always wondered about the motivation behind the Hotel Indigo that was slated for East Liberty.  Seems to have been a non-starter, or at the very least a casualty of the financial crisis? Last I was by there, the actual "hotel indigo" sign that had been there had been tipped over with no sign of being righted.