Sunday, August 15, 2010


Anyone else ever ponder the fact that there isn't much journalism in town covering journalism?  Note the minimal snippet about the contract over at the PG.  There was even something of a labor protest just the other day that got more coverage. Curious.  Remember when it was reported to be a contentious negotiation. Maybe it was?  We just don't know.

At the other extreme... is it the same phenomenon that Pittsburgh remains a relative backwater when it comes to community journalism? I wonder.  Note how in Seattle they even just had a conference on not just one, but all of the community journalism projects ongoing out there (h/t Otis White for that one).  Yet Seattle's mostly grassroots and unfunded projects have propsered while ours have generally floundered.  Several local projects have attempted to create community journalism in some form or another.  Some have had external funding and some have been briefly ascendant, but that is about it.  For my journalism friends just interpret the 'in some form' liberally, it's not meant to incite the discussion of what constitutes journalism.  Listing some local 'new' journalism sites risks irking those omitted, but I think few would disagree that there are some local versions of community journalism that would rank with the best anywhere.....  unsung as they may be locally. 


Blogger Bram Reichbaum said...

On the second topic: I think Tube City Online is more like the exceptional oasis in a journalistic wasteland. To the extent that it's "unsung," that's mostly because it's hindered by being concerned with a place that strikes a few of us as having all the allure of Braddock, MINUS the Fetterman.

Similarly, I wonder if Seattle is the exception in terms of producing tons of organized CJ. Two whole daily newspapers apparently just shuttered there, and besides which they benefited from an excruciatingly trendy vibe all throughout the 90's.

I'd like to think that after this year I'll get back to those sober roots, but right now I have a little unfinished business.

Monday, August 16, 2010 1:31:00 AM  
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