Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PNC Bank Saves Print Media

Well, maybe not...  but I seem to be on a meta-news kick.  Note how PNC may become the owner of several Ohio newspapers.... likely the outcome of bankruptcy proceedings. Now if they chose to keep the publications and run them themselves, that would be interesting.  Probably not what they intend. Still worth watching as it evolves, being a datapoint portending the future of print media.

and I would call this a meta-news item of interest, though the topic is worth noting.  Clearly our transformation is complete.  Out of Chicago a web-publication (the meta-news angle) describes Pittsburgh as a place with exotic allure. Imagine trying to say that 20 years ago.  See: Pittsburgh, and the Magic of Failure in something called Gapers Block out of Chicago. So yet another hybrid neo-media publication not really replicated here.  It also is a pretty comprehensively hyperlinked article on us.


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