Monday, August 30, 2010

Set Sea River and Anchor Detail

Not quite the Hot Tub Time Machine, but still interesting to go back and read the first month's posts here. One of those very first posts mused on the possibility of bringing LST 325 here to Pittsburgh.  Well, it's happening soon (see the PG story today and the Trib story last week). The ship is underway and will be here soon.   I'll just add that the story of the LST's pf Pittsburgh is not just a story of the ships at war, but the men, and women who built them here.  If anything, I hope the ship's visit here highlights the role of the many Pittsburgh workers during the war, without whom the rest of the story would not have been possible.  And as we all await the blizzard babies of 2010, the LST's of Pittsburgh may have been responsible for a few LST-babies as well

But on LST's at war.  Many would not make it home.  At left is a picture of LST 750 which was built right here on Neville Island.  Not it's official name, but the ship was called by some to be the USS Allegheny County because it was built with money raised locally.  It would be built here in an amazing 2 months during April/May of 1944 and was launched on May 30.  It would be sunk by a kamikaze off the Philippines just 6 months later. I am not quite sure how it even got out to the Western Pacific that fast.  Talk about going in harm's way fast.


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