Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wheels to the Wind

You never know what fluff you will read in the paper these days:

It is a pretty amazing story and has some neat Pittsburgh history embedded in the story.  Not just his last ride, but Lenz had some amazing rides before that crossing the country by bike in the 19th century.  Puts a lot of rides today in perspective. No carbon fiber frames, wicking bike shorts or pavement for the most part. and that is a camera strapped to his back by the way. Not a one-touch digital type that fits in your palm. 

and I tried to figure a way to work an an even more esoteric bit of Yinzer history history.   Lenz, or at least Lenz's German-born mother lived at the time in Pittsburgh's Little Germany (that would be Bloomfield for those who are forgetting the history) and literally lived above what is now the Citizen's Bank as best I could tell from some references in the book. 


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