Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cleveburgh watch

Lots of interesting Cleveland stuff going on. 

From Rustwire: Sprawl and the Undoing of Cleveland

For those not paying attention, there is a massive countywide corruption bust going on up in Cuyahoga County, home of our neighbor up the turnpike.  Worth a scan.

PNC bought NatCity we know; Howard Hanna has become the big dog in the real estate yard up there; Giant Eagle is at the parapets and UPMC is attempting to flank with their talks up in Erie.  So what I really want to know is when the big UPMC - Cleveland Clinic slugfest is going to begin:  Gotta be a story in that.

and nothing to do with Cleveland other than I read it in the PD.  But this makes me sure feel like a failure: Defendant pleads guilty in New Jersey in $880 million fraud case.  It's not that some 41 year old dude had created a nearly billion dollar enterprise all by himself, but he did it by convincing people to hand over to him hundreds of millions of dollars to start a wholesale grocery distribution business of all things?!  There is a salesman for you.  No need to concoct some mysterious new 'sure thing', black box or even some fancy schmancy derivative of any kind.  I gotta go to one of those Dale Carnegie classes.


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