Tuesday, September 21, 2010

on to other things....

..... such as there is this little matter of a race for governor that people still have not focused on much.  Today we have:

WashPo Chris Cillizza has: Pennsylvania governor's race moves away from Democrats (and other ratings changes)

National NPR interviews the PG's Jim O'Toole: Sestak, Toomey Locked In Tight Pa. Senate Race

Folks will eventually figure there is an election coming up.  The Morning Call's John Micek has the details that Corbett has $7.7 million on hand and Dan has $3.3 million. I think that is enough to clog up all the cable channels between now and November even before we get into some of the other contested races that will have sizable expenditures of their own. I see the news today that Pitt here has just started it's own tv channel.  I could make a fortune if I could design a format for a channel that appealed to just the middle 10% of Pennsylvania voters that really are the center of gravity of all Pennsylvania politics.  You really can ignore 90% of the voters out there, because most of them will have their general election votes decided before the candidates even enter the race. No sense spending money to influence their votes. But the somewhat neurotic median voter in Pennsylvania is a strange animal that votes in ways hard to predict or influence.  Identify them, appeal to them and get their vote and you win hands down.


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