Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Parking evermore

So the PG version today on the City of Pittsburgh parking issues is:  City Council remains intent on finding alternatives to parking lease

I've posted this before, but it may be even more apropos today.  Fascinating to me is this undergraduate thesis from 1950 which is nominally some unique early history of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.  See:

The Allegheny Conference for Community Development for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
by John David Weidlein. May 1950.
Apologies, the scanning has the pages a bit off and it starts with the section on parking. Not as intentional as it seems.  It is an undergraduate thesis, but it is a fascinating look at the early Conference history and really in context of the parking debate today really fascinating.  It was about the Conference, but much of it was about parking which must have reflected the things they really were focused on in the late 1940's. Housing as well, but that early history of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority now in the news is in there.  It really is a time capsure of sorts.


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