Saturday, September 04, 2010

Random Tailings

Just some random tailings, you should be out riding a bike anyway. Which, by the way, there is a new video to inspire you.

Boston Globe: How to shrink a city, Not every great metropolis is going to make a comeback. Planners consider some radical ways to embrace decline.

I hate to point out, but some think we are pretty bad drivers. Could be caused by the Pittsburgh Left, or my favorite t-shirt?

The LATimes suggests Pittsburgh has the best baseball fans.   They may have a point.

We are about to get a natural experiment in how connected Pennsylvania is as a state. Does the new casino opening in Philadelphia impact revenues here, or doesn't it? We'll see. 

And of course Marcellus....   From Platts: More US LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) projects scrapped as economics become less favorable.

From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer: Natural gas price war breaking out in Ohio.  Why is natural gas competition in Pennsylvania a bit less....  efficient?.... for lack of a better word.
There is a certain Yin and Yang to this pair of stories.  From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: How fracking works: Sand and water go in; natural gas comes out (sounds like making pie?), Fortune had this yesterday: 'Fracking' yields fuel, fear in Northeast.  More from Fort Worth: The Barnett Shale search for facts on fracking.  and CBS News is piling on as well: A Burning Debate Over Natural Gas Drilling

While some may be interested in this because of the environmental issues... from North Dakota a 'fracking' related story from just the other day: Texas company working to plug leaking ND oil well.  But it has another angle.  It's about all the drilling going on in North Dakota because Hydraulic Fracturing is being used to drill for oil, not natural gas.  At a few sites in PA I believe testing to do the same is going on. Ponder that a bit.  Col. Drake is going to rise from his grave.  Bring back the Pittsburgh Oil Exchange.  We could modernize it, the Pittsburgh Energy Exchange?

and if you didn't catch it, along with all the other foreign invesment, more local players selling out. This time to the Japanese.

and for something completely different, here is the quote of the week.  You will have to click through to see the source and context, but why do I get a feeling Dave F. is negotiating a reality TV deal?


Blogger EdHeath said...

I couldn't helping looking a bit more at that driver's report. The very worst drivers - DC. Second worst - Baltimore, and Arlington was on page 5. But Chicago and LA had very low ratings too. Should this give us a perverse sense of accomplishment ("We're still in the club")?

Saturday, September 04, 2010 10:24:00 AM  

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