Friday, September 24, 2010

that mountain goat must be an octogenarian by now - and other stories to follow up on

Our friend Mr. (or I suppose he would prefer Colonel) Mckelvey and his great deal on Marcellus invesment we mentioned last Sunday.  The state saw the same ad I did and took prompt action.  Trib: Marcellus investment operation shut down.  Chalk one up for the state. I don't quite believe however that a local 73 year old fake Colonel is the only person in the entire state using the mania over Marcellus riches to scam people.. he just happened to be dumb enough to place a half page ad in one of the most widely circulated paprs in town detailing how fraudulent it likely was.  If you recall the ad, which I had scanned in the link above, it had this great penultimate line "Benefits the commonwealth of Pennsylvania".  Just over the top. 

and remember I was not so happy with how limited my natural gas purchasing options are right now.   PG has some follow up there. PG: Natural gas rate offers could hold traps.  Now if I can just get folks to focus on the broader picture of why our supposedly semi-competitive natural gas markets are not producing the lower prices they ought to.  Too much hassle to go buy natural gas in Ohio to use here, but there certainly is incentive to do so. 

And this goes way back.  Some really really boring problems are awfully important.   and apparently for Pittsburgh the hardest to fix. Think about Street names? In the Trib:  Pittsburgh to review street names after series of 911 errors

I think we covered this once.. but my colleagues have been banging on this for a long time.  Also reminds me, what is up with the wikipedia entry for the steps of Pittsburgh?  It could use a little move love, but somone did add a picture. Cool.

You know, some of us like the ambulance to show up at the right address. Calling Phyllis Pearsall!

Yeah...  That's not a goat in Pittsburgh, but I literally almost asked that goat directions once upon a time. Seemed appropriate.

Finally. Now just need to get someone to go follow up on what Jero is up to lately... ;-(


Anonymous MH said...

It may be a widely circulated paper, but I'm not sure how widely read it is. Until you posted the link to the Trib article, I had no idea where the ad ran.

Friday, September 24, 2010 1:27:00 PM  

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