Saturday, October 16, 2010

Browns Induced Diaspora

I was going to just mail this over to Jim R., but I couldn't resist passing it on here.  From the Cleveland Plain Dealer is this article:  Eric Barr moves to Cleveland to follow the Browns.  Includes video.

Speaking of Cleveland...   via the tweetosphere and @NFLFanHouse is this tweet:

"Colt McCoy's listed as Questionable ("I Don't Wanna") against Pittsburgh. Never seen that one before. "


Blogger john b said...


I remember that John Elway in his memoirs mentioned how right out of UCLA he get is very first pro football NFL big time start against the Pittsburgh Steelers and he breaks the huddle and realizes there is some toothless dude pistoning his knees growling at him (Jack Lambert), he states in the memoir something to the effect that he hesitated or gulped and realized this wasn't gonna be as easy as all the fans and well wishers had him dreaming about. So there you go Colt, John Elway had to go through the fire of it his first NFL start to become the hall of famer he turned out to be!

Then again the late great Y.A. Tittle had the Pittsburgh Steelers D END his career prematurely. The Post Gazette reporter snapped that famous shot of him on his knees with his helmet held in his hands and blood dripping down his forehead at the old Pitt Stadium 20 years before Elway's start. The PG in its infinite wisdom wanted "action shots" and never ran the pic that hangs in the NFL Hall of Fame and could have easily won a pulitzer.

So will Colt be Elway or Tittle I wonder!

Saturday, October 16, 2010 11:51:00 PM  

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