Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daily Marcellus

.. actually more your random Marcellus posting of the day.  Note this ebay auction for 10 acres of a Marcellus Shale lease that is posted on ebay right now

Non-marcellus related.. but I have never been able to find any local buyer who actually consumated a real estate purchase via an ebay listing for a property.  Here is a local posting from New Kensington running currently... with 32 bids no less.  Don't take thas as a recommendation to bid.  See some of the problems I talked about in looking at other local ebay listings for real estate.   and read the posting!!  Here is a post for a property in Natrona which is fascinating if you see what is actually being bid on.  It's not the price of the property, but the 'fee' to be allowed to lease the property for 11 years with a purchase option. The REALLY interesting thing is ebay comments would imply the poster has been doing this a lot locally??? Really? Someone really needs to look into that.  Especially because the current listing honestly states that the poster 'has never been' to the property.  You can google yourself the name of who is listed as the current owner "Milgrom Roger Trust".


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