Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily Ranking: Libertarian-Burgh?

So here is something I believe from the parent of the PBT in some way. 

But Pittsburgh ranks 99/100 in terms of the proportion of local jobs that are government jobs.  Parsing that would take me a week so just take it as a curious factoid for the moment.  If you are unclear the metric, 99/100 means we are ranked among the regions with the lowest proportion of government jobs... it is not that we rank low because we have a lot of government jobs.  It means we are really a Libertarian haven.  Who knew?

It really is a curious list I have never thought of before in quite this way.  The only region with a lower proportion of government jobs is Grand Rapids, MI while the region just higher than us (so 97/100) is San Jose, CA.  Not exactly 3 regions that have a lot of commonalities between them these days.

I'll add that if I were to guess, I bet the results of ordinal metric for this is driven by state level differences in how government and nonprofit sectors are organized.  By that I mean in some states it is much more common to have community hospitals that are run by government in some form. Thus their workers get classified as government workers.  In others such as with us, hospitals and health systems are more nonprofit organizations and nonprofits are technically private sector enterprises.  There is a similar issue in some higher education jobs as well.  Pitt, for example, as a "state-related" instittuion has private sector employees.  Other states may capture more higher education workers as government workers per se.  


Anonymous The Wiz said...

After reading the article, I saw that the three highest-ranked metros mentioned were all capitals. I figured that most all the highest ranking metros would be the fifty state capitals plus DC. Seems only natural.

But then what determines "government jobs?" Does that include police, firemen, and teachers? What about the military personnel at nearby bases? How about professors, admin, and employees of state universities? That would place Penn State and State College near the top....add in prison workers...Rockview State Correctional. Are Pitt and Temple employees counted as government jobs? What about border guards and ICE in border cities?

Monday, October 18, 2010 3:23:00 PM  

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