Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Daily Ranking(s)

This is an odd one, but there is a list that has the local real estate market ranked #1. See the Lucky 7 Investor Forecast.  Blah, blah. 

This looks like it has a bit more research behind it.... more rankings on state and MSA-level healthcare metrics than you can shake a bedpan at from a place called the Delta Group.  See their CareChex 2010 Research Study.

and a gratuitous Marcellus Shale post.  From Penn State is a neat animated graphic if marcellus shale development in Pennsylvania. Reminds me of the Walmart animation.


Blogger joe said...

So, Pennsylvania was 12th overall in Overall Hospital Care as measured by clinical categories, but 40th in Patient Satisfaction.

At the MSA level, Pittsburgh was 6th in Overall Hospital Care, but 31st in Patient Satisfaction.

The actual CareChex site includes hospital-specific clinical quality categories, but not (near as I can tell) hospital-specific satisfaction scores (though I'm sure they're available somewhere). Look at them at the context of the Dartmouth Atlas data on costs and there's probably an interesting story to tell there.

"Patient satisfaction" is measured:

 Overall Hospital Rating
 Doctor Communication
 Nurse Communication
 Staff Responsiveness
 Medication Explanation
 Pain Control
 Hospital Environment (Quietness & Cleanliness)
 Post-Discharge Information

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