Friday, October 29, 2010

EnergyBurgh 2.X

An insightful look at local energy doings from a site called fuelfix: Iron City Wants to be New Energy Capital

This is just me, but I still am a bit shocked reading stuff like that because when I wrote EnergyBurgh just a few years ago (or my use of the term a bit earlier here) the folks Downtown just wrote it off.  'quaint' or "that's old Pittsburgh" were about the most positive comments I got.  The only energy stuff people really cared about for years was some focus on "clean coal" or coal related issues.  No matter.

The article has some things of note.  See were the ACCD went out of its way to say it was not trying to entice drillers to move to Pittsburgh from Houston.  Not trying to attract firms must be some kinds of first in the history economic development/site selection marketing.  It is a reflection of, or realization that Pennsylvania can't really handle more drilling and is barely able to sustain what is going on now.

Find the comment in that article about the Terrible Towel and the documentary Gasland.   I would have paid to watch that exchange.  Also a quote worth cogitating on from Katie Klaber:
“We’re answering the question ‘What will it take to be a modern shale state? ‘” Klaber said.
"Shale state"?  A play on the iconic "oil-state" I guess? No hubris there. Funny how it does not feel like Saudi here although I am thinking there is some analogy to all the third country nationals that make up the workforce in a lot of oil nations.  Interesting question as to whether we want to be a place like Saudi in the end and not the least bit ironic as Saudi itself looks to diversify away from oil. I did once go out of my way to visit the first oil well in the Persian Gulf which was in Bahrain, just a hop skip and a jump from Saudi.  Had a museum with it that was only open a day a week, or a day a month.. something like that.

For my historian friends I should correct this post's title... is it EnergyBurgh 2.0,  or 3.0...  or even 4.0 at this point?


Blogger Jim Russell said...

"Iron" in the title is now crossed out, replaced with "Steel". It's a remarkable article. I see it as an extension of the PR campaign served up by the ACCD back in May of 2009. That was on the heels of the tubular steel boom represented by the V&M Star expansion talks in Youngstown.

Friday, October 29, 2010 2:14:00 PM  
Anonymous The Wiz said...

I think the main purpose of the visit to Houston was to get other ancillary industries to locate facilities in Pa, preferably the Pittsburgh (with an H) area. It is well known that we don't have all the infrastructure we need here for a large gas-based economy.

One of the concerns is that all the gas produced here will be shipped elsewhere for processing and manufacturing when it would be much better to have the industry, along with its jobs and tax base, located here. And as we are nearer the East Coast and close to, what is it, half the country's population, it would be more efficient to produce the end products here rather than ship all the gas and related products out west, manufacture product, and then ship said products back east.

And can I steal the name "Energyburgh" when I start my own blog?? What royalty fees expected?

Friday, October 29, 2010 3:30:00 PM  
Anonymous BrianTH said...

Norway, on the other hand, isn't such a bad place.

Friday, October 29, 2010 5:07:00 PM  
Blogger C. Briem said...

that is kind of funny that they felt the need to 'correct' the title. It really did just start out as 'iron city'. Nobody ever felt the need to scratch out the 'iron' on the beer bottles.

labels.... what are you going to do?

EnergyBurgh... are you saying I should copyright it? I probably should do that just to pass it into the public domain if it is not already. As for royalies?? I guess it is too much to expect a gross point from your marcellus leases? How about you sign over 0.001% on the royalies?

Friday, October 29, 2010 5:13:00 PM  

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