Thursday, November 18, 2010

All Pittsburgh, All the time

It's like a marathon. I think they are done?  Changing Gears: Reinventing Pittsburgh - Part 4, Answers for Detorit.

OK..  it really isn't about Pittsburgh. Makes you wonder a bit... if we are the answer to everything, what was the question?

and this... Lots o Pittsburgh from the National Journal. and just some unrelated daily reading for the uber-wonky... of note from the Economist folks:  America in numbers -One nation, divisible.  Actually.. it's not so unrelated to the National Journal commentary. 

How bad is the Marcellus Shale induced housing/hotel crisis across central Pennsylvania?  Your daily marcellus:   Man-Camp?? Where is Adam Carolla when you need him?   Gated compounds of temporary structures?  That Saudi analogy may be more apt than I thought. 


Blogger EdHeath said...

I see you got a shout out in the National Journal. It is a remarkably reflective piece of journalism, and not the only one. I know some people read them. But is anyone stepping up and pestering their Congress persons *and* their friends to say that gridlock in Congress (particularly the Senate) is no longer acceptable? Are enough people reading the calm and measured articles?

Maybe somebody could take some marijuana laced brownies over to Fox News. I would tune in to hear Bill O'Reilly talk about how cosmic the pattern on his tie is.

Friday, November 19, 2010 12:54:00 PM  

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