Saturday, November 13, 2010

Burghonomics everywhere you look

Recall when the news articles first started appearing from points afar looking at Pittsburgh in a positive way.  I still think the very first one that planted the seeds for many that followed, potentially cascading to the G-20 itself, was this from Detroit Free Press:  Different City, Similar Story.

Detroit is one thing, but when places like Las Vegas cast less than disparaging eyes at us, curiousity became something more.  Remember this from Las Vegas: Lessons Las Vegas can learn from the Rust Belt.

There is a follow up of sorts today with the likely cast of characters I will admit.  See this from Clark County: Las Vegas population in decline; will it reverse?

The quote of the day however comes from Philly ('Era of less' is arriving, real estate report says)
which is reporting on a new report out of the Urban Land Institute.  The money quote for us is:
"We're going to see a lot more places end up like Pittsburgh, if they are lucky,"
Not quite as positive a story overall. There is an earlier quote out it being the twilight zone era for real estate.
Speaking of ULI and Pittsburgh.  From Detroit, but you will see why I mention this article : Detroit, Flint may be diamonds in the rough, real estate investors say.  TM is an awfully busy guy. See this from San Diego recently as well.  Still can't get a measly little bike bridge named for him at home.  Must be something in the local water that reacts with the name to give bad results.


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