Monday, November 08, 2010

Planning for Snowmageddon

It is exciting to see the city has a new plan to deal with snow this year.  A good thing.  It would be an even more important item if the whole LAZ parking lease plan goes through.  Why?  Well, it turns out that in the plan that LAZ notionally won there is a limit to the number of days that the city's parking meters would not be accessible and thus earning money for LAZ.  If the number of days is exceeded in any given year, the city would wind up owing LAZ money.   Might be an interesting exercise to apply the parameters in the parking lease as it was bid out with last year's experiences with snow removal in the city to see if money would have changed hands. Deep down, this was all a plus in my mind for lease.  City might respond to that kind of incentive to clear the streets.  Speaking of LAZ, check out the writeup from its home base in Hartford: Valet Venture Grows Into Parking Behemoth

Anyway, here is my personal snowmageddon plan this year.  Anyone know how these things work?


Anonymous MH said...

You'd have needed those snow shoes to get around my area if somebody with a snowblower and a sense of civic mindedness hadn't taken care of the sidewalks five days before the city did the streets.

Monday, November 08, 2010 9:05:00 AM  
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