Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So just an odd twist in blog-world.  I will point out that nobody is doing anything wrong here.  I purposely put up that creative commons copyright notice there on the right to emphasize that everything here that I produce is as public domain as I can make it.  Free to use most any way you wish.

But I guess I feel a bit like our MSM friends claim to feel when they claim bloggers are just regurgitating their content.  I seem to be regularly syndicated at a site called Citizen Economists.  Who knew?

I'm serious, it's fine.  Weird, but fine, I just had no idea.  Though maybe the way they do this might not be quite consistent with that CC license which specifies attribution.  You can read my content over there and really have no idea where it comes from. It does have my name, but you can read that and have no idea what Null Space is.  I had no idea this was going on until I caught by accident is that someone over there left me a comment to a post of mine that is appearing there. Looks like that commenter (who is the principal from realstats that the post was about even) clearly is not a Null Space reader since he missed where it was originally posted.    Lack of backlinks probably explains why I don't see any hits from this site which I would have noticed before this.  I wonder how long I have been ghosted over there?

Needed to post this before I do into some poking at those real estate stats again.  The comment there was actually useful fodder for the next post.