Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Speaking of political verbiage

I suppose I should at least try and comment on the latest machinations in the P3.  I've lost track of how many P's actually.  It's P for pension, parking, privatization, polemic?  Something like that.   The WDUQ version of today's news has some great quotes from all involved.  I started to parse, but quickly felt overwhelmed.  Each line deserves something; I just don't have it in me.  We will limit this to the cliff notes version.

" in order to avoid a state takeover"...    now there is an honest statement.  Actually saving the pension system?  Some other day. 

cows? ...  gotta love bovine political metaphors.

"owe it to the infrastructure world "..  Is that like the royal 'we'. 

"council should not leave the building until it finds a way to fix the pension problem"...    Laudable sentiment if ever heard prior to December. 

"millions of dollars in pursuit of this deal"...   Now there is an accounting I would love to see.


I do apologize.  The theater of it all is getting tiring.