Monday, December 20, 2010

What Is the Price of College?

Nothing local in it, but a new report out from the Department of Education worth a scan: What Is the Price of College?  Someone must have state breakdowns for what they are reporting on, but I am too lazy to go look.  Coincidentially (or not?) there is this from Forbes today as well: Is America Saturated with College Grads?  Remember, if that is an issue anywhere at all, it likely begins here.

Now isn't that more productive than talking about pensions and/or parking?  At least I didn't waste my time going down to watch this hearing which was scheduled for today.  I guess it happened, but with a very different set of arguments.  Is fascinating pondering why the shift?  Did the firefighters not like the idea of setting a precedent for judicial involvement in management of the city?  Do they know something we don't? i.e. Is there some other path that is going to move the train from its course.... not many working days left to effect most anything at this point, but never say never.  or was the legal argument just that weak that it forced a last minute withdrawal.  Where is that lawyer/blogger?