Friday, January 14, 2011


Just commenting on all the machinations that will follow the Dan announcement.  What will the Post-Dan era in the county look like?

Just going through the list of names there:  Flaherty, Fitzgerald, Lamb...... I really think it would be much more efficient all around if we just take the current top guy at the Ancient Order of the Hibernians and make him the next Allegheny County Chief Executive.   Think of the benefits: it will save money on the election, eliminate all this ambiguity for the next few months.    How did Dan sneak in there? Maybe it was once spelled O'norato.

Hey.. it's O'Briem.. really.

I suppose there will be a follow up to these stories looking to the fall and whether there will be a Republican or I guess even an Independent running as well.  The short analysis on that is there is that if you have been following how lots of suburban counties in SW PA have indeed been trending Republican, it is in large part because of selective migration of folks out of Allegheny County.   So the secondary impact of what is happening in the surrounding counties is that Allegheny County is likely trending more D just in terms of who remains.   I bet I could quantify that.... some other day.  

So the bottom line is that if that is true, it is much harder for a non-D to get elected within the county and you have to realize it has now been 12 years since Jim Roddey won by what was the slimmest of margins..   Less than a fraction of a percent and many of the circumstances of that election just won't be repeated again.   If Cyril was  not turning 80 in a couple months, I would begin to wonder if was going to wade into the primary even.  Still, I bet O'Roddey will continue to gratuitously push for an O'Santis run for ACE as he has been doing over the last couple of years.  Other than that, R's have a problem of finding a candidate with much name recognition at the start.  Roddey himself had an arc of public involvement and particiption going back a couple decades before he pulled off his upset.. chairman of the Port Authority when they built the T for one, ALCOSAN chairman and a bunch of other things.  There was a plan to all of that I bet not uncorrelated with the efforts to create the ACE position in the first place via the home rule charter movement.  But today who is arguably the biggest R name in county politics these days is going to be preoccupied in court at some point which at the very least will make it hard to schedule all the rubber chicken dinners. 

Anyway... I have not updated these in a bit, but for the emergent interest here are the maps for the county's: Democratic Registration, Republican Registration, Independent Registration, Straight Ticket D voting, Straight Ticket R voting.  Tally-ho!


Blogger NorthPGH Progressive said...

Speaking of Irish Pittsburgh politicians. How about the possible County Controller Candidate: Brian O'Malley. The guy even uses a shamrock as his apostrophe!

Friday, January 14, 2011 1:53:00 PM  
Blogger Tom Y said...

I'm still surprised that Mark Patrick Flaherty plans to run. He was elected to County Controller on name only. And aside from an annual financial report, I can't recall any audits that he published.

Friday, January 21, 2011 10:12:00 PM  

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