Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last call

Just about 24 hours left on the ebay auction of your dreams.  Still no offers it appears for the 104 acres of mineral rights in New York.  A sure thing is it not?   We've given this asset a name.. or the nickname Marcel, short for Marcel the Shell Shale.

Does not this story from Armstrong County scream out for the need for digital records in Pennsylvania... and modern open access to those digital records.  See: Armstrong County Courthouse to stay open late for Marcellus shale research.  Sure seems some folks up there could use some version of our interactive map of energy leases which is limited to Allegheny County. Yet here we are facing the biggest economic development in a century we are told, and the key research behind it is being conducted much as it was a century ago.

and it isn't just workers being imported for the Marcelllus play.. it's academic research.


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