Thursday, February 24, 2011

So you want to run for governor?

How much does it take to run for Governor in Pennsylvania?  8 figures it looks like.

With both a contested primary and general election, Dan Onorato's campaign for governor had to spend heavily most the year.  With his campaign's annual report for 2010 now online, the final numbers are that all-in over $19 million was spent during 2010.  Is that the most expensive governor's race in PA history?  I dunno, but how far from the top can it be?

Of the 2,888 itemized expenditures, the biggest amounts collectively went to Philadelphia's The Campaign Group for media buys and consulting.. almost $14 million in total.  The smallest itemized expense? Well, not quite the smallest, but someone's $8.23 venti extra shot latte (I presume) at a Starbucks in Philadelphia has its own line item.

We'll get to a version of this for Corbett, but his expenditures were not all summarized on one report as Onorato had this all reported.. at least on the online reports I see as yet.  This graphic is much more fascinating in the interactive form loaded on IBM's Manyeyes' site.  What it looks like in static form is just this:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only all public information could be distilled down to a Venti latte purchase and published online.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 5:25:00 PM  

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