Sunday, March 06, 2011

Government, government, everywhere you look

Local government wonks should not miss the NY Times magazine's omnibus look at the fiscal crisis going on in governments across the nation: Broke Town, USA

There is an obligatory mention of pseudo-bankrupt Harrisburg in there, but the more explicit talk over what the continuing Chapter 9 bankruptcy of Vallejo, California means.  The scary thing remains that no matter how we want to look at it, the fiscal state of the city of Pittsburgh is far worse off than Vallejo ever was, is, or will be well into the immediate future.

But on the topic of local governments everywhere, and while we are awating the deluge of census data for Pennsylvania to be dumped.. here is something fun.  Analogous to the graphic I did for Pennsylvania, below is what the same thing looks for the entire nation.  All the governments in the United States. Roughly 90,000 in all.  Again scaled by the number of full time workers employed by each.  The low res version below can't begin to come across; you can download the full PDF file which has much better resolution.  Warning it's a 50mb file in itself.


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