Monday, April 18, 2011

Silence is Golden

Silence is golden, but the background noise is getting too much to ignore.  While obsessions don’t fade quickly, at least the need to watch NHK hourly drops a bit day by day.  So if the sabbatical is over I guess and the question is just where to dive in?  I guess I need some form of blog rehab?

So here is a question. Is it just my perception because I have been distracted, but is the current race for Allegheny County Executive an order of magnitude tamer than the first one 12 years ago?  At least on the Democratic side, compare the histrionics of the Dawida-Wecht race at the time to what you know of the race currently underway.  Is it even possible that a Flaherty and a Fitzgerald could find something to argue that loudly over?

Or is it just too early and we have more fireworks to look forward to?

Don't forget:  Last day to register for the primary election next month is today!


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