Friday, May 13, 2011

Centre and Crawford Votes

The great Blogger collapse the last day or so seems to have eaten the post on transit..  so just know I didn't take it down.  The big blogger in the sky ate it.

But looking at the election newsoid yesterday on the ACE candidates looking for minority votes...  for the newer readers who have not seen it, you can see the impact of race in a lot of local elections in this old report of mine: Voting Patterns by Race in Allegheny County.  A bit dated, but still a lot of history embedded in the stats. 

Actually the transit post exists out there in the ether.  Some of the folks who seem to like reusing my posts (without having ever communicated with me for the record) have it here: Jobs and Transit- Transit and Jobs.  Maybe blogger will put back the post here at some point?


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