Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jobs and Transit - Transit and Jobs

Historically Pittsburgh has ranked very high in terms of public transit service and usage, but history is history unfortunately.  Take a look at the Pittsburgh profile just out of Brookings looking at spatial mismatch issues here.  We are actually just below average for the percentage of working age residents who live near a transit stop.

And I bet that was all compiled, or reflects data, before the latest round of cuts, but that is speculation.  It really is remarkable that we are below average given our history. 

and the median wait time here?  40% higher than average. I will bet that is the derived from the schedule and does not reflect what the delay actually is these days as well.  Share of all jobs reachable within 90 minutes.   23%.   So even if you are willing to endure a 90 minute commute, you can't get to 77% of jobs in the region.  Think about that.

If only I had time I would get around to updating my Pittsburgh Transportation Policy Bibliography.