Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ever more redistricting

So I just got around to reading the snippet in the news yesterday portending some of the redistricting that has to happen for Allegheny County Council districts.   It was strange a bit.  You would think whatever was behind that story someone might be interested in how much redistricting actually has to happen on county council.

Wait.  Quick, and without Google's help, who is your county council representative?  I really do want to survey the general public on that one day and find out the percentage who know the answer off the top of their head. 

Anyway, not that anyone has asked, and for the bakers dozen of folks* in the county who care about redistricting the 13 geographic districts of council (2 of the 15 seats on council are elected at-large within the county as a whole) here is what I get for the updated 2010 populations for each council district.     Also, the new nominal size of post-2010 districts should be a population of around 94,103.  So the percentage I put in there is the amount of population each of the currently defined districts needs to change by in order to get to an equal apportionment of the population. So the districts that have grown more or shurnk less than others need to shrink by the given percentage. The districts that have shrunk more or grown less than the others on average need to grow by the percentage shown. 

* That would be the 13 incumbents of said districts.


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