Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Politics is in the Numbers

Looks like the state has an interesting new web site up: http://www.redistricting.state.pa.us/.  Its content is kind of sparse, but we will give them the benefit of the doubt for effort.

Earlier in the year I put up what the 2010 numbers look like for the state house and put online a list of the population change in each of the 203 districts.  To repeat the main point there, of the 10 districts with the largest population losses since 2000, literally all were from the Pittsburgh MSA and most were from Allegheny County. 

The biggest population losers:

DistrictIncumbent  2000  2010            Change
24Preston, Joseph , Jr. (D) 61,76551,004-10,761-17.4%
35Gergely, Marc J. (D) 61,89353,932-7,961-12.9%
19Wheatley, Jake (D) 61,88455,312-6,572-10.6%
34Costa, Paul (D) 62,20655,844-6,362-10.2%
27Deasy, Daniel J (D) 61,09655,311-5,785-9.5%
51Mahoney, Tim (D) 62,00156,731-5,270-8.5%
52Kula, Deberah (D) 62,07156,814-5,257-8.5%
20Ravenstahl, Adam (D) 61,00755,871-5,136-8.4%
21Costa, Dom (D) 62,61557,711-4,904-7.8%
22Wagner, Chelsa (D) 60,99756,304-4,693-7.7%


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