Thursday, September 22, 2011

Brain Gain R Us

See the WSJ today: Select Cities See Brain Gain. #8 we are on on a list of largest growth in percentage of population with a college degree.  and even that still misses the impact of age on that metric.  Our older demographic washes out some of the change as it would work out in that calculation.  If they redid any of that looking specifically at younger age groups, or even just the working age population, I bet we would have wound up even higher

Update:  WSJ now has a video segment to go along with the piece as well.  Click here for that. and a bit gratuitous, but this all reminds me of the piece in the Economist some years ago which at least is a reminder that none of this is a new story.  Remember: How Now Brown Town.  That or maybe it is all the new lawyers in town.. (see previous post for more on that)

The relevant thing is the amazing generational shift here when it comes to educational attainment.  So if you saw the stories today with info on latest dump of the American Community Survey... from that same data you can see this pattern in educational attainment by age for Pittsburgh.  Note this is an updated version of what I had produced in the past which many have seen. 


Blogger Jim Russell said...

In the video, Pittsburgh predictably gets lumped in with Detroit in terms of college educated.

Thursday, September 22, 2011 6:11:00 PM  

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