Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Launching Water Balloons With a Potato Gun

Yesterday the news of the day down at the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority was about a 2009 report critical of...  well....  just about everything.

Seems to me the reporting on that should have included some tease at least of why and how a report from 2009 is surfacing now. Is not the real issue why an important analysis like that buried to all eyes. If not for emergent circumstances, would this report have ever been seen??  PG folks can be a bit overly subtle and the line about the folks currently in charge possibly not knowing about the report says a lot.. if not more than the report itself.  Curious.

Likely it is only being seen now because there is multifaceted litigation impacting the PWSA and the its once sewer line warranty contractor ULS. Since the report’s author has reported connections to ULS, the state of litigation sure makes me wonder about the timing of all of this.

Remember, . it was reported that ULS was going to sue the PWSA over all of this. I don't know the status of that litigation, nor even if it was ever really filed, but a claim of $3 million against the PWSA has been listed in its bankruptcy filings as its most valuable asset. ('asset' is becoming an ever more fungible term in this town)  There was also a status conference on the ULS bankruptcy just on Friday a few days ago and exactly a week ago there were arguments in Commonwealth Court appealing Judge Wettick's ruling that effectively shut down the warranty program,  thus precipitating the bankruptcy in the first place. Seems to me both of those events might have some more relevance to the future than the 2 year old report at this point.  Is there really anything in the old report that is any more than documenting the obvious I wonder.

How does Wettick find time for all this when he is also riding herd on the county assessment system? That and isn't he senior already.  Who is going to handle all the controversial cases when he heads to Aruba for good?  I digress.......

On the report in the news today… critical as it is of the PWSA it brings to mind a few fun thoughts. Remember it was just a few months ago that the City proposed to the ICA that instead of merging its accounting system with Allegheny County's, it instead wanted to ‘save money’ by merging the city’s accounting system with the PWSA’s. I was kind of rooting for that to happen, just because I really wanted to try and read the city's budget in Malaysian.  

How is that merger of city and county accounting systems going anyway. Lots of progress I bet.
And this is a fun time to bring up what remains a mystery to me, and there are so few mysteries left. There must be some niche shoe maker in France named Deasy.  Why?  There is a slow but steady stream of hits here from somewhere in France as different people search for "Deasy Shoes".  I've not been able to reverse out what they are really looking for.  Must be a very bespoke shoe.

and kids... the water ballon and potato gun idea...   bad bad idea.  Gives Steampunk a whole different meaning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could it be because Former State Rep. Don Walko was running for judge in 2009 and he was the chairman of PWSA when this report came out? Now his wife works for current PWSA chairman Dan Deasy and Deasy doesn't want to talk about it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 4:03:00 PM  

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