Monday, November 14, 2011

Tea Leaves and Transcripts

Now I fully realize I am prone to a bit of overinterpretation on rare occassion.  Still.......

I want to know why in a court order dated November 10th, 2011, and put online November 14th, 2011, Judge Wettick is ordering the production of a transcript of a hearing dated March 16th, 2011.

March 16th?  March 16th?

Maybe he was just distracted at the time.  It seems to be right around when he was immersed in Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority litigation.  Hey, what is up with that case? Nobody seems to care much any longer.  Still a lot of loose ends there.

Still...  what would cause the judge to all of a sudden be interested in an 8 month old status conference.. one of many such conferences by that time one might ponder.  I know I have some esoteric reading most would find interminable...  It might be worth reading if it is half as winding as the <s>August 18th </s> December 2009 transcript.  Could it really be the judge is just filling in blanks in his files?


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