Sunday, December 11, 2011

Net New Yunzers

So if you think it is hard to define a Yunzer, what in the world is a Net Yunzer?  Maybe a Yunzer working at Google?  Also, maybe a Yunzer is the same as a Yinzer, but I still say it is spelled with a 'u'!  Modernisms be damned.

Can I borrow content from myself?  I suppose.  Same as I had on the Pittsburgh Urban Blog, but here is a bit more parsing of the migration data you may have read about already.
Here is a comparison of two maps, each of which show only those metropolitan and micropolitan areas which are generating net migration into the Pittsburgh region.  So these are depicting only regions which have more people moving into Pittsburgh than are destinations of people moving from Pittsburgh. Note it is a different set of maps showing regions that attract more people from Pittsburgh than are sending people here. Got that? 

The top map is for the most recent period, migration between 2009 and 2010 generally.  The bottom map shows the same data for 5 years prior: migration between 2004 and 2005. Both are made to the same scale. What a difference 5 years makes.

And a coincidence I just realized...  2004 would also be the year when Ariba bought out Freemarkets fwiw.


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