Friday, December 23, 2011

Pigskin mythos

Obligatory history for December 23, 1972 below. 

And all those cheering fans: masses of unemployed steelworkers cheering as their jobs were being "downsized" in America's great deindustrialization?   NOT.  It would be a decade before the Cliff Stoudt economy arrived in Pittsburgh. For 1972 average manufacturing employment was 286K in the Pittsburgh region.  In fact, from this moment through moment the Steelers won Superbowl XIV (January 20, 1980), the count of jobs in Manufacturing in Pittsburgh would go up. Just a bit, but still up. The average level of manufacturing employment in the region for 1979 was 288K.

Not the mythos you care about?  On the far more important debate a to whether the whole thing was 'legal' or not at the time... I personally always defer to the physicists.  Only they can can calculate how the oblate spheroid bounces. 

On a side note, and who knows what this means in long tail philosophy, but if you do search for "Cliff Stoudt" I seem to have quite the Google rank.