Monday, January 23, 2012

City: $125 million bond POS hits street

So the city has made nice with the ICA??  For the local public finance wonks out there:  the City of Pittsburgh has hit the street with a preliminary official statement for a $125 million bond offering that they need to get out there by Thursday I think it is if they want to call the bonds part of his new bond is intended to defease.

Note on page A-10, a plague of some sort hit the city in 2009. 

and only a bit non-sequitur... actually quite apropos..  but if you noticed the story today about how hillside problems are hitting the city's budget and likely the expenditures from this new bond offering. Is the City of Pittsburgh's Hillside Committee still functioning?  I refer you to a report from not all that long ago from my friend Steve Farber:

An Ecological and Physical Investigation of Pittsburgh Hillsides - ECONOMICS REPORT to the City of Pittsburgh Hillsides Committee

Economics of Hillside Slope Development
Final Report

November 30, 2004


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