Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Kids, can you spell e-l-a-s-t-i-c-i-t-y for $500?

We interrupt your assessment channel... just because I am burned out by it and my web-scraping program is awfully slow (more later).

But I mean it.. about the kids and about the $500

So thanks to the Cleveland Plain Dealer for pointing out an economics contest for kids sponsored by the Cleveland Federal Reserve.  Here is how they can earn $$:
Pick a show or episode and investigate the scenes to find the basic economic concepts within. Then write an essay, poem, play, or short story explaining how the show or episode demonstrates some of those concepts.

You can pick a comedy or drama, documentary or sports show, reality show or soap opera. But whatever you choose, the show or episode must explore basic economic principles, and it must be a show that you wouldn't be embarrassed to watch with your grandma. And for those of you who don't embarrass easily, that means no programs rated TV-MA, programs rated for mature audiences.
Top Prize = $500.   and  11th and 12th graders in Western Pennylvania are eligible!  Since yes, Pittsburgh is in the Cleveland Federal Reserve's district. 

and no.. I do not provide ghost writing services..   nor do I probably watch whatever tv shows kids in high school watch these days.  Do kids in high school watch tv these days?


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