Wednesday, January 25, 2012

on those nomination petitions

Attention politicos major and minor, sundry election lawyers and all hangers on!  It appears the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has rejected the redistricting plan that had been approved.   I don't see the final opinion which will spell out what their issue is that will have to be addressed by the Pennsylvania Legislarive Redistricting Commission.

but what is even more practical to the political apparachiki is that their order today appears to shift some of the dates crucial to the spring election cycle. (so attention Mitch Daniels!..  Isn't it strange that people are talking about Mitch Daniels parachuting into the Pennsylvania primary which by the time it comes around could be an All-Pennsylvania affair with Gingrich, Santorum and Paul... politics is strange)

update: I guess the biggest question is whether there is time for both the PLRC to revise the maps and then if it is necessary for this to all be litigated back to the Supreme Court. The ruling says the current (old) maps are in effect until there is a new plan.  As per the schedule below, petition season is upon us and it will make a huge difference if the old maps are used one last cycle.  What happens say with the now vacant District 22 which Wagner just resigned from and which is being moved across the state in redistricting?  Will people be running for that seat here or in Allentown?  Law gets complicated as to whether a special election needs to be scheduled for that seat now in its extant location. The only reason there was not going to be a special election was because the district was being moved.  I think as of the moment there will literally have to be a special election scheduled here in Allegheny County for that seat, but I will defer to any attorneys to have other thoughts.   Then just when will new maps come?   You can make maps fast, but agreeing to maps is another thing.  A complicating factor is the Supreme Court released its ruling on this, but I don't think they have yet followed up with an opinion detailing what specifically they found objectionable in the current plan, thus it would be hard to begin redrawing any maps until the opinion is posted.  Convoluting things more.. PoliticsPA reports that three of the justices are off to Puerto Rico on a pre-sceduled event which may impact the timing of getting an opinion posted. 

But the revised dates per the court:

Thursday, January 26 (was Jan 24th) First day to circulate nomination petitions

Thursday, February 16 (was Feb 14th) Last day to file nomination petitions

Thursday, February 23 (was Feb 21) Last day to file objections to set aside nomination petitions

Monday, February 27 (was Feb 24) Last day that court may fix for hearings on objections to nomination petitions

Friday, March 2 (was Feb 29th) Last day for court to finally determine objections to nomination petitions

Friday, March 2 (was Feb 29th) Last day for withdrawal by candidates who filed nomination


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